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    Question River rock

    I need to know the correct way to install a river rock bed to prevent erosion around the foundation. Ths foundation is on a slope approximately 12" in 18"

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    Not sure if this is what you are getting at, but last year I dug a small valley "slew" about 36" wide around a portion of the house. Then lined it with commercial grade weed barrier that allowed some moisture to penetrate. Then laid round river stone 5" to 8" in diameter on it in a neat fashion (to be pleasing to the eye). It caught all the surface water and carried it quickly away from the house with no erosion.

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    I prefer not using weed cloth because weeds will still just get blown onto the rocks and take root anyway. Other than that, you should be able to just arrange the rocks as tightly together as possible.

    If this is to be a permanent feature, you could pour a 1" layer of concrete and set the rock into the concrete. That will prevent any weed from coming up from underneath, help shed water, and keep the rock from moving.
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