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    Default Additional water meter

    Hello. I have two houses in the same property. I have only one water meter and I want to install a second one because I want to know how much each house is using. I talked to DWP and they said the meter only is about $ 3,000.oo plus additional piping.Have you had the experience to install a second meter? Do you think a miniature meter placed between the two houses will tell me how much each house is using? Have you seen these mini meters on the internet? If I can find a mini meter, I can install it myself in the house in the back. Then I subtract the reading on the mini from the main meter.I
    then can tell how much water each house is using.The reason I am doing this is not for fun. It is because the water is a lot of money and the tenants on each house blame each other for using too much water.
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