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    Default Noisy Gutter Drain Pipes...Can I quiet them?

    I have a brand new home (well 1 year old now), in Northern California. This time of year (today in fact) it rains. When we have a decent rain, our drain pipes are very loud...loud enough to keep us awake at times (especially the kids).

    I was told that placing kitchen sponges in the drains would help ease the noise, but they ended up coming out, or sliding down to where it never helped at all.

    Is there something I can do, change, or add to help us all sleep through the rainy nights?

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    Default Re: Noisy Gutter Drain Pipes...Can I quiet them?

    There's no way to completely quiet them, but you can reduce the noise by angling them a little so that the water is directed down the side of the conduit instead of dropping from the roof eave to the ground. Another method is to remove the downspout altogether and hang a chain for the water to run down instead of the conduit pipe, though this isn't something that I'd recommend for a number of reasons.
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