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    Default Entry Door Creaks

    Hi, I recently had my storm door jamb replaced (it had been severely splintered), but now when I swing open the entry door, there is a loud creaking noise (great for Halloween!) coming from the top of the jamb when the door is at its maximum swing position. The top door hinge itself is not making the noise, but when I unscrew the hinge and swing the door open, the sound stops. The new storm door jamb had been screwed in securely into the entry door jamb area, and on the outside, brick moulding was nailed into the storm door jamb.

    Any ideas? I'm hoping some well placed screws will get rid of the creaking noise, but the jamb/brick moulding seems very secure already.


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    Default Re: Entry Door Creaks

    Quote Originally Posted by jkirk View Post
    hrrmmm, its possible that its not the hinge itself but is a combination of two relating to the hinge, are the knuckles of the hinge rubbing on the brick mould, if so this is caused by the hinge being set to close to the entry door itself
    This is my guess, or something similar (hinge binding/rubbing on molding somewhere ). The short term fix would be to lubricate the point of rubbing, the permanent fix would be to increase the distance between the offending hinge and the molding.
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