I need some help here, please. I live right outside of St.Louis in a 2 1/2 year old house. Over the past few monthes our front door has been increasingly harder to open. When looked at from the front you can see that the threshold is actually bowed up in the middle. This has made the door sc**** the top of the jam on one side and scraping in the middle on the bottom. There is also a gap where it is pulling up and away from the inside flooring. It was becoming so hard to open the door that we actually had to remove the inside part of the threshold (in fact it ended up breaking.) Being a newer development you'd expect to be able to contact the people that built the house but they went bankrupt and no longer exist. I did talk to someone that is working on a new development and he said that the subfloor underneath has gotten wet and is swelling pushing up on the threshold. Unfortunatly, he (and everyone he knows in the buisness) is too busy to fix it. He and another guy stood at my door for an hour discussing how hard it would be to fix without pulling the whole door out and neither one seemed interested in fixing it. I consider myself pretty handy but I believe this fix is out of my league. I watched Tom Silva's video on had to replace a threshold but the one he was doing was all wood with a toe kick. Mine is aluminum on concrete. My question then is who fixes this sort of thing? Do I have to find a contractor that will be willing to do it or do I call a door company or what? I'm totally in the dark on who to contact and could really use some input. Help would be appreciated soon, the bugs are coming in now and winter will be here soon and that will be mighty drafty. Thanks!!!