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    Default balancing main panel?

    is it possible to have too much working on one side of the panel? if so, what kind of trouble could come of this? im trying to add a steam shower to my panel ( 40amp, 220). i alrdy have the ac condenser (double 30amp) and a double 60amp for a sub panel for lights and wall outlets on one side of the main. i would add the shower breaker on the opposite side in the main. the rest of the panel has no other major draw to it other than fridge and washer/dryer circuits. also,the main panel is still 100amp. anyone think i'll be blowing the main on hot summer days when the shower is on w/ ac blowing and maybe the washer? any input would be great. i'm obviously a novice, but capable.....

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    Default Re: balancing main panel?

    To answer your question, no. The slots on each side of the panel alternate between phases, in other words the first, third, fifth, etc on the left side are connected to phase 1 and the second, fourth, sixth, etc on the left side are connected to phase 2. When you install a double 240 volt breaker it takes up two slots one on phase one and one on phase 2 so it makes no difference which side of the panel it is on.
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