My house was built in the 60s. Under most of the carpeting I have parquet floors. I ripped the carpet up in the living/dining room. There are areas that need patching. I've looked around for matching material and I can't find anything to match.

I'm thinking of taking material from transition areas to patch. It's not high quality material but it's still in good shape for the most part and very serviceable.

I'm looking for ideas on what to put in the areas I take material away from. In both places I'm thinking of, it would be from tile to the parquet. One is from the foyer, the other from the kitchen. I already have height differences that I need to compensate for, the tile being higher. The opening by the kitchen is a normal doorway, the foyer opening is 6' wide. They're not side by side so they don't have to match exactly but should have a common theme.

If I take material I have to fill gaps from a foot by the kitchen to about 8" by the foyer.

I don't want to do anything drastic or too complicated, wood flooring isn't a particular specialty of mine.

Any ideas?