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Thread: Posting Problem

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    Quote Originally Posted by Desperate in New York View Post
    i don't know where to click to reply does members that answered my post. I want to instant message them without having to email them privately
    If you click on the user name in the upper left of the post it will open a window showing the options that user allows. For instance

    Not all users allow all the options including the PM. If you just wish to acknowledge the post you can just click on "Reply". Most of us would rather you do it this way because if your reply indicates that a post solved your problem or you have further questions it supplies this information to others using the site.
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    Quote Originally Posted by A. Spruce View Post
    There is a blue button at the bottom left corner of every page to add comments to a thread. Each individual post has a "quote" button if you want to reply to someone or something specific. Beyond that, you either private message OR email individuals by clicking on their name and choosing the appropriate response from the drop down menu. Those are the only ways to interact with someone on a forum.
    Thanks for the tips

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