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    Question sealing window air leaks

    We have air leaks in the seams of our double hung windows. In the past, we have used shrink film insulated kits to stop air flow. The kits are a pain and we would like to find an alternative. Liquid nail had a product called wind jammer caulk ing that could be put on in the winter and peeled off in the summer, but it is no longer made. Is there anything else on the market that you could recommend?

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    Default Re: sealing window air leaks

    Yes. There are similar/virtually identical products out there to do what you desire. You can likely find them at your big-box or hardware store.

    Look for Zip-Away, Seal & Peel or Season Seal. These are all clear "removable" caulks (after ten days or so of curing time). I suspect these all come from the same factory and are simply branded.

    If you haven't used this type of product yet, here's a couple hints- Don't try to lay a teeny-tiny little bead or you will regret that at removal time. Lay down a "normal" size bead. Also, don't leave this stuff in place for more than two years without removing it and renewing. If left in place for too long, it will become quite gummy and won't be easy to remove. If removed in a timely fashion, it's a snap.

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