We had the National Energy Audit company check our Massachusetts house's ('79 modular ranch 1,200sq ft) efficiency and what can be done to improve it.
After the blower test and some other checks, they determined that what needs to be done to better insulate our house are 3 things:

- Basement (unfinished):
- insulate the rim joist in the basement (currently they are insulated with either nothing or fiberglass bats) / we have a 1-car under garage so basement is ~960sq ft

- Attic (AC unit is in the attic):
- blow (on top of our old R-30 bats) additional cellulose insulation
- add radiant barrier

The total cost quoted for all of the above: $2773.50 (possible 30% discount)

Additional info:
We have field mice in the attic during winter and despite last years' extermination looks like we still have some carpenter ants (likely both basement and attic)
We are planning to finish up the basement in a few years but before we do that we are thinking about hiring professionals to do water proofing and radon mitigation system.

With all of the above here are my questions:
1 - Does it make sense to blow insulation on top of old bats in the attic (considering we may have ants and/or mice in there)? (We were told that that foam deters pests)
2 - Does it make sense to seal anything in the basement before doing radon mitigation and water proofing? (Our basement gets mostly damp, we don't really have a serious water issue)
3 - Should we consider checking how the garage is insulated? (two bedrooms are in good part over the garage)
4 - Is it a good price?
5 - What else have we not considered but should have?

Thanks a bunch!