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    Default Closer to solving Biasi ***Noise*** problem, need feedback!

    I think I have a solution to my Biasi noise problem. Seeing how this is a flame retention unit and one drawback is noise, I am still going to try the double wall flue pipe. However, I have located some 1000 degree industrial wrap that is similar looking to the yellow stuff that the boiler is wrapped in. See picture of my experiment using some stuff from Home Depot. Probably not safe, but it reduced my exhaust noise by about 98%. I have removed it now, but my desire is to do a similar wrap, although not as thick. If the new stuff is rated at 1000 degrees and my exhaust/stack temp is 375-450..if that, wouldn't this concept work? Thanks, Bill IMG]http://i397.photobucket.com/albums/pp51/bostonfan49/IMG_2485.jpg[/IMG]
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