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    Default Glaze or put tub liner over tub

    I want to change the color of my old blue tub. The bathroom is very small and the walls were built around the tub. So it would be easier to change the color of tub, toilet and zink. Any suggestions on the better way to go either Glaze or get a but liner over the existing tub.

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    Default Re: Glaze or put tub liner over tub

    I would recommend resurfacing over liners for a number of reasons. Glazing will look and wear very similarly to the original finish, without scratching or marring. You're not losing any integrity of the tub, where gluing a vinyl or acrylic skin inside can allow for pockets or hollows that can crack over time. IMHO, liners don't look very good either.

    As for the toilet and sink, replacement of those articles will be easiest, though the guy that resurfaces the tub may be able to do the sink for you as well. Some companies will do sinks, some won't, ask them when they come to bid the project.
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