Looking for more opinions on this. I’m in Wilmington, Delaware and I’ve taken a 2,000 SQ FT 1930 colonial 2 ˝ story house on uninsulated concrete pad (no basement or crawl space) down to the studs (attic area is 3rd floor). The original house has large radiator heat throughout and no AC. The radiators are in “series” so you can’t turn one off without shutting off all others. The boiler and heater are in the middle of the downstairs on the backside of the fireplace (that will be the centerpiece of the house so these must move) taking up about 14 SQ FT. The 1989 first floor addition (kitchen, breakfast nook, bedroom, bathroom) had (I removed them) baseboard electric heat that left the rooms cold. No AC there either. The radiators have always been an issue as they take up a lot of room and dictate where furniture must go. I’m planning for a modern, open floor plan and need to move the “works” out from the middle of the house to a corner. I also want a more unified system, better balanced temperature and/or zoned heat/air. Also, the radiator pipes really eat up ceiling space that I could use to expose beams/raise transition areas. I’ve been bringing in HVAC guys and they’ve agreed removing the radiators and installing forced air/heat is a good move even if it means loosing the efficient radiators. Been getting quotes in the $10,000 range. Thoughts?