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    Default Room Odor Over Crawl Space

    1920's character house, with original 1 car attached garage converted into a family room. There is an indescribable musty, old-house, mousey odor in the converted family room. The old garage floor (11x16)is 3.5 feet below adjoining house floor level. There is original concrete on the garage floor and 3.5 feet of crawl-space head room.

    The family room floor was insulater with kraft face 6" fiberglass, installed with the vapor barrier toward the cold. Rickety access doors allowed mice and chipmunks to set up home in the insulation.

    Once the old insulation is removed, what can be sprayed on the floor joists and sidewalls to kill that acrid odor, perhaps a 10% bleach solution?

    Does anyone have any ideas to pass along,


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    Default Re: Room Odor Over Crawl Space

    I might be mistaken but once the insulation is removed, I believe the major source of odor will be gone too. So things might improve considerably.

    The musty odor might have to do with moisture, so I'd do something to control it, like conditioning the crawl space underneath, installing a dehumidifier, etc...

    If after removing the rotten insulation and controlling moisture the odor persists, you can try the bleach solution.

    Baking soda is also great to eliminate odors. Hardware stores sell some heavy duty odor fighting products you might want to try.
    I've never used any, but I've seen many a homeowner happy with the results.

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