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    Default Flexing Bathtub -- End of Life?

    I've got a bathtub in a 22-year old track home, and the bottom of the tub flexes whenever it has weight on it. I assume that this is because this is a low-end (tract home) fiberglass tub? Should I be concerned about the bottom of the tub cracking and leaking? Are there warning signs that I should be looking for? Or should I just go ahead and replace the tub?

    Thanks for your advice!

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    Default Re: Flexing Bathtub -- End of Life?

    When we use to install tubs we would mix up some concrete and put two piles on the floor then set the tub on to it. This would give it the extra needed support to keep it from cracking. Any chance you have a wall on the back side of the tub you could open and put in supports under the tub?
    I did try another way, but I do not know if it really helped. We drilled a couple of small holes in the floor from the basement. Then took expanding foam (the firm type) and shot a couple of big mounds under the tub.
    Worst case scenario is the tub cracks and you hire a fiberglass service man to repair it. It can be repaired many times for the cost of a full replacement.

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