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    I know that Spring and Fall are the better times for seeding lawns. However, I live in NH, just had septic tank work done, and have re-loamed the area. Is it OK to seed now or better to wait til next Spring? I've been told that I can seed after a hard frost and that the seed will not germinate this year but will emerge next Spring. I'm dubious about this. Thoughts, opinions, and any experience?

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    IMHO, it's better to seed when the grass will germinate and have a chance to establish and sustain itself over a winter. I can tell you that here in California I've had the best luck with early to mid spring when the trees start to bud out. At this point the ground is warming, but the seasonal temps are not such as to harm new sprouts. It takes less water in cooler climates, and is easier for the grass to establish before summer temps take effect. When I've planted in the fall, the seed tends to rot in the ground, if not eaten by squirrels and birds who are trying to winter over on the available tasties they can find.
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