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    attic gutted & needs to be insulated. tore out old wool, compacted insulation. rafters are 18" to 18 1/2" wide & the standard insulation doesn't come wide enough. looking for suggestions. it's a cape HELP!!!

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    Just to be sure...

    You are wanting to insulate the bottom of the roof deck as opposed to the attic floor...yes?

    If the roof deck....can you "afford" to give up some head room...or do you need to keep the bulk of the insulation within the rafter bays?

    How deep/wide are the rafters? 2x8,2x10....or ???

    Are you intending to vent the roof deck also?

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    get the wider insulation for when spacing is 24" OC (on center) they do make these just might not be stocked at your home center, you peel back the facing along one side and fold it back towards the insulation you don't want to cut off, trim only the insulation to the size, then go back and trim the facing paper out with a margin, retaining the same lip/fin distance as the uncut side.
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    spray polyurathane in there. the best insulation you can buy

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