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    Default Patio Concrete Floor with Some Strnage Substance

    I have been struggling with this project for a month. I have a covered patio with concrete floor. I was dreaming of acid staining the concrete in various patterns. Well, when I got to this task, I discovered lots of places with semi- peeling paint-I do not know what kind of paint. I have tried strong paint remover and epoxy paint remover, but at no avail. The only resolution which worked so far was using a 4 1/2 inch angle grinder with diamond blade. However, this was not a real solution as the grinder creates lot of dust and also gunk when is done wet. Also, 500 sq. ft patio with a little grinder??? Any suggestions please? Thank you very very much!!!

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    Default Re: Patio Concrete Floor with Some Strnage Substance

    Home Depot and others sell Floor paint sc****rs they work well but are a chore to use. You can also rent power scrappers but you might have a time chasing one down. Similarly there are large diamond tooth grinders similarly to the large DIY random orbit floor sanders designed for concrete.

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    Default Re: Patio Concrete Floor with Some Strnage Substance

    We have used a large grinder to level out humps in concrete. It probably has an 8 inch head on it. Unfortunately the mess is going to come with the job. There's nothing clean and tidy about it. You also have the option of capping the concrete with a concrete overlay. It goes on very thin and will probably take stain better than the concrete you have now. Good luck.

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    Default Re: Patio Concrete Floor with Some Strnage Substance

    Yep, removers are only so so good when it comes to epoxy coatings. Your elbow grease approach may be best. Keeping wet will keep dust down but create muck. Even if you use a remover it may not get into the pores enough to allow use of some stain including an acid stain. If not in direct sunlight you may consider a dye which will penetrate better overall. Try if you need a direction on that. I was looking to use an acid stain once and they steered me in the right direction.

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