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    Red face Kitchen Sink No Pressure BUT>>>

    Can't figure this out!!!!
    Kitchen sink has a spray next to it. When the faucet is on, it is a mere drizzle but yet the spray is strong. To make the matter even weirder.... if the outdoor hose is on ( which should cause the lower water pressure, right?) the kitchen faucet drizzle becomes much stronger ( though not what it should be) and the spray pressure decreases !?!?!?!?!?

    I have checked all the o rings from the faucet head to under the counter and there is nothing in the way or chunked in the lines.... I am on the edge of replacing the entire kitchen faucet unit but it burns me that it was only put in 2 years ago.

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    Default Re: Kitchen Sink No Pressure BUT>>>

    Take the aerator off the tip of the spout and see if your pressure issue is resolved. If it is, then the issues is a plugged up aerator. Disassemble the aerator and clean it or replace it. If the problem still persists, then the problem is likely in the faucet valve. Turn off the water under the sink, disassemble the valve and look for debris or problems, replace parts as necessary.
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    Default Re: Kitchen Sink No Pressure BUT>>>

    You might also look at a stuck or plugged spray divertor.,00.html
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