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Its an Electric Water Heater, 40 Gallons, about 4 feet tall. The repairman explained that they would have to put the water heater on order which is beyond me since there are so many readily available at any Lowes or Home Depot. He says the $850 price includes all installation and a 6 year warrenty from them on the water heater as well as the 4 year warrenty the water heater already comes with.

The water heater is a Bradford White which the repairman says isn't that great.
In reality that is not a bad price the water heater is about $400 dollars and most contractors charge about 4 hours to do a job. that includes pick up of the water heater hooking it up and then removing the old one and disposal. sometimes getting the new one in and the old one out requires two men. not a great deal but it isn't over priced.