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    Default Knob and Tube Outlet

    I have a 1913 home that has knob and tube wiring in the main part of the house. I have just completed replacing all the plumbing, well I hired a plumber to do it, and in the process found three un-terminated wires in a wall in the bath.

    Two of the wires are hot and one is not. I can't figure out what was connected to this set up. I am thinking maybe an outlet where one hot was connected to each outlet. I need to fix this in some way, so if anyone knows what this configuration might have been please let me know so I can restore it. Otherwise I plan on putting "twisters" on each wire, wrapping with electricians tape and placing in individual ceiling boxes for protection.

    Thanks in advance.

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    Default Re: Knob and Tube Outlet

    It would only be a guess to try and figure what those wires did at one time.
    Cap with a wire nut and tape, but the tape in not really not needed, in my opinion. It is an allowably practice to leave all that in the wall.
    If you do need a new outlet at that location, pull Romex and bring the situation up to code. {Or what ever local codes allow EMT, BX, Romex, etc**.

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