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    Question texturing interior walls over wallpaper/panel commonly used in mobile homes

    I have a friend who needs to give a homier feel to her mobile home. This is a 1980-85 model and the the interior walls are wallpapered, but it seems like it's not the kind you could remove. It seems as if the panel was fabricated with the so called wallpaper look. Ugly is an understatement. If after removing all the trim that is tacked over areas where there are seams in paneling, can I use a expanding foam to fill in, and then smooth coat joint compound over entire wall, and then shoot on a texture for best results? Can you advise me ? Thank you Denise
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    Default Re: texturing interior walls over wallpaper/panel commonly used in mobile homes

    You're right that the "paper" is part of the wall and not removable. Trailer manufacturers do everything for the sake of speed, so they buy their drywall prefinished, staple it in place and dob a little caulk over the staple and they're done! (to my fellow TOH brethren, this is no joke, it's actually done this way ). I have had good success with removing trimming and taping these types of walls with standard drywall finishing techniques. The only exception is when the walls are coated with vinyl, then they must be washed with TSP first, primed with a good primer (consult with a paint dealer, not a big box, for suitable, vinyl compatible primer ), then the drywall finishing process may begin, otherwise the walls will flake because the drywall compound won't stick to the vinyl surface for long.
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