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    Default Cracked Cast Iron Drain Pipe

    My wife and I bought the old family homeplace about two years ago. The house was built in 1937. One of the upstairs bathrooms has a cast iron drain pipe that drains the water from the sink, commode and tub to the plumbing under the house. The cast iron pipe is cracked from under the house up into the house somewhere(the home inspector discovered this when he was crawling under the house during the home inspection). Is anyone aware of any plumbers that work on older homes and can run a drain pipe liner or sleeve through the cast iron pipe or some similar type approach. The alternative is tearing up the bathroom floor upstairs, the wall downstairs and the floor downstairs to replace the pipe. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thanks

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    Default Re: Cracked Cast Iron Drain Pipe

    There is nothing in your post or your profile that hints at where you are. If you just want general information there was an episode of the EAST BOSTON HOUSE that showed them installing a liner. This is who they used-
    ClearFlow Sewer & Drain Solutions
    tel. 860-798-6373
    Contact: Bill Kane, Owner

    Or you could search the yellow pages or sea internet for Sewer Pipe Relining System

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    Default Re: Cracked Cast Iron Drain Pipe

    Standard procedure in my area is to rip out the cracked cast iron & install PVC Schedule 35 plastic sewer pipe.

    It should be a lot easier to do without ripping out any walls or floors than you imagine.

    Cast iron drains went out with high-buttoned shoes; once it gets that old & is cracked, you'll have continued problems with it until it's replaced.

    You'll be greatly relieved to get rid of this health hazard stuff; the new plastic will last for many decades.

    There are usually 2" cast iron branch circuits coming from the fixtures (except for the commode which is usually 4")that feed into the 4" cast iron soil stack, that feeds down into a 5" vitrified clay drain once it goes thru the foundation.

    The 4" cast iron soil stack above the commode (vent stack) is usually in good shape & can be left in place & connected up with the new plastic with a clamp-on fernco fitting.

    If there is limited or no access for removing the cracked portion of the cast iron drain in the walls & flooring, the old pipe can be left in place & the new plastic boxed-in with plywood/sheetrock next to it so it's totally inconspicous.

    Why don't you see if you can get some estimates from local plumbing contractors?
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