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    Question gable or roof fan?

    We have a ranch--basement, living level and attic--built in 1968. We bought it in 2002. Decided to use attic for some storage and noticed what looks like black mold on the roof beams. We are doing a mold test now. Were told to put in some sort of attic fan. Is a gable mount better than a roof mount? And how do we figure size of fan needed? House measures about 25ft. wide by 45ft. long. Thanks for ANY help you can offer!!

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    Default Re: gable or roof fan?

    Howdy, Consider a whole house attic fan installed in the ceiling and it pushes the hot air out of the attic and if you open window on lowest level sucks cool air into the home. The gabel vent or roof vents power source local is one thing to consider or go with a solar powered roof vent when shopping vents the packaging has recommendations for the sqftage of the attic..

    But have you checked to see if the soffit, eve vents are open, not filled with insulation?

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