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    Default Attic Mold/Mildew

    We have a garrison colonial in Ma. near the ocean. We have R28 unfaced fiberglass attic insulation, soffit vents (2") and a ridge vent both running the length of the roof. We have 2 stories plus attic and a wholehouse fan which vents through a 2'x3' louvered gable vent.

    We have had mold/mildew for several years that is spreading on the attic rafters and plywood sheeting. We know how to get rid of it but have conflicting opinions on how to make the elimination permanent, thus the question.

    1. Should we install an attic exhaust fan along with keeping the ridge vent (we understand how the ridge vent is supposed to work)?

    2. Should we replace the soffit vents with wider ones (currently about 2"wide)?

    3. Should we replace the ridge vent?

    4. Should we cut off the attic and put a tarp over everything
    Thanks, Bob D.
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