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    Default Re: Lift Station Smell

    Will try to put this as "delicately" as possible.

    Can't help but wonder from your description if one of your guests didn't flush alot of TP or even a couple paper towels or maybe a feminine hygiene product...that has landed on top of the float. This would weight it down making it less buoyant resulting in the shorter pumping times you indicate and consequently more "aged & aromatic" contents inside the tank.

    Were there any kids in the guest party? Kids will flush most anything just to see what happens.

    A little *exploration* may be in order.

    On the other hand....are you implying that this is the first time this system was used? If so, there could be other reasons for the problem....including a faulty installation.

    The lid should be fastened to the tank via one means or another....including a gasket or similar. If it's just sitting there loose/wobbly-like...something isn't right.
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