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    I have just finished sanding pine paneling through out a house we are remodeling. I love the color of the natural wood. What is the best finish for the paneling?

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    Water based poly will be the clearest, oil based poly if you want to add a slight amber tone to the color.
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    Is this new pine paneling or does it already have a finish on it?
    New pine has a light color and is relatively white. However, with age, it will darken and redden considerably. If you want to maintain the light, whitish color, you should treat it with a white based stain. Also, don't miss an area with the stain because it will stand out like a sore thumb later!

    As JLMCDANIEL states, water based polyurethane will not yellow the wood. Oil base urethanes will impart an initial amber tone and will get more so with age.

    Years ago, my wife bought a nice light pine corner hutch for the kitchen. The kitchen had natural red oak woodwork. I deliberately did not stain the hutch, knowing that with time it would darken and redden. Within a year, it matched the oak woodwork.

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