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    Question Gas Riser installation help

    My foundation was recently lifted in the back of my house. While they were digging to install the pilings. I had noticed just how black the clay was coming from that area of the foundation. I attributed this to my a/c coil condensate pump which pees constantly in that same area. Well, before I had plumbed that copper line coming from the pump to a roof vent. I found I had a leak in my gas line. Even though this leak came 3 months later I am sure it had everything to do with all the lifting that was going on with the foundation jacking. So here is my question. How does one piece these components together. I was assuming the valve had reversed threads on one side to allow one side to draw as the other side walked out on the threads but it does not. The parts I will be using is a 9-1/2"x1" pipe coming out of the house into a 1" 90 degree elbow a 4"x1" nipple below it into the specified 1" valve then into a 32"x1" pipe running to a 1 1/2" to 1" reducing 90 degree elbow then a 5"x1-1/2" and a coupling to tie me into the existing yard line.
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    Default Re: Gas Riser installion help

    There's an expression I learned from a pipe fitter a long , long , long time ago ....... " no bubbles ..... no troubles " .

    Unless you know what that stands for I would highly recommend you call in a licensed gas fitter. He will cut and thread new piping from the service into the home along with using the appropriate pipe dope on the threads.

    I'm all for DIY projects .... however ...... there are some things that are best left and are required to do by pros .... this is one of those in my opinion.
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    Default Re: Gas Riser installation help

    I was able to pull a permit without being a licensed plumber. The gas has been shut off by my gas company. Before service is restored the inspector will look over my install and check my diaphragm gauge while the line is under test. This test is done with compressed air. So I hardly think I can blow anything up! I'll be well aware if there is any problem before service is restored ie leak in the house, leak in the yard line. All I'm really asking is since I'm working with rigid threaded connections and not your standard slip coupling where do you get the room for the repair.

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    Default Re: Gas Riser installation help

    Disregard my post I found the part I was looking at for at a local hardware store. It's called a union. I have used these with water applications but I didn't think they were used with gas as well.
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