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    Exclamation Basement sill plate has dry rot

    We are starting an insurance claim to replace siding & roof and discovered a back corner of the sill plate has dry rot. We can not afford to lift the house to make repairs so I am wondering if there are in place repair options or some sort of epoxy repair option. Thanks

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    Default Re: Basement sill plate has dry rot

    Howdy what covered damage to the roof and siding?
    Dry rot -all rot involves moisture- is a misnomer. Picture would help. How many stories of the home are above the tor? How much rot? length of the rot in the sill? any cracking of the interior wall or ceilings above the rot sill area?
    Replacing sill plates can be done with several types of temporary load being carried by shoring to allow for the sill repairs. Consider contacting general contractors 3 or more for bids and they method to do the job.

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