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    Default Drywall over plaster walls

    We have just purchased an 80 year old home. The bedrooms had dark paneling on all the walls. We removed the wood paneling to cracked plaster walls that are in bad shape. We are thinking of just putting up drywall over the walls. Can that be attached with just liquid nails and drywall screws?

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    Default Re: Drywall over plaster walls

    No liquid nails necessary, just use screws long enough to reach through the drywall, through the plaster and lath and into the framing of the wall. I would recommend locating a stud in each wall, then measure 16" on center in each direction so that your fasteners are anchoring into the framing and not just the lath.

    It's a bit messier, but you can probably bet that there is no insulation in the walls, so this would be a good time to strip at least the exterior wall and adding insulation OR boring holes and adding blown to the cavities. Just a thought.

    You'll also need to add plaster rings to all wall outlets and switches to bring the device flush with the surface of the new wall.
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    Default Re: Drywall over plaster walls

    I agree with mr spruce and wouldn't fasten to the plaster. if it is in that bad of shape just gluing to something that is in the process of falling apart will mean that they will come down together. I would try to remove the plaster because trying to get a screw through that old brown coat is a real pain. plus spruce made a valid point of using the occasion to add insulation, it also give you a good chance to take a look at the wiring to see how it has held up over the ages.

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