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Thread: artifical lawn

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    Question artifical lawn

    Is a fake lawn , like indoor or outdoor lawns, will it increase the value of home or decrease? I dont want to cut lawn,and neiobers let their weeds go unchecked, and I am always pulling or spraying lawn.

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    IMHO, a beautiful green lawn offers a sense of homeowner care for the property and a sense of prestige. That's not exactly the word I'm looking for, but basically, the property looks and feels better with at least a little grass in front of it. I've seen homes with all concrete and astro turf and they scream "Early American Trailer Trash". I've also seen homes that have rock and shrubbery from one side to the other and they equally look depressing and ill-maintained.

    Even if you can't get a thick lush lawn to grow, just having some green grass improves the look and feel of the property. What I would recommend is if you don't want to cut grass, don't have very much of it so that either a push reel type mower will suffice or a few zips of a string trimmer does the deed. You could also hire a lawn service for a reasonable fee (or pay the neighbor kid ).
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