We just installed, in Feb. a new Lennox heating and Air system. It is a heat pump. We live in a mobile home. The system is closer to one end of the house, my bedroom. My 15 year old daughters room is at the other end of the the house. The problem we are having is that my daughters room stay cold in the winter and hot in the summer. If it is 72 degrees in the house where the thermostat is my daughters room is at 4 degrees colder in winter and 4 degrees hotter in the summer. We use fans in the summer in there to keep it cool and in the winter we use a space heater I do not like this, it is not safe for one thing but it is not energy efficient either. We thought it was that our other system was to old, it was over 15 years old. We thought with the new system this problem would be solved. We were wrong. If there is any suggestions or ways that you could help I would greatly appreciate it. Thank You