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    I have a single storied home with some odd plumbing problems occuring. Wheather its the use of the washer or the use of the shower two things occur. The water from the toilet gets sucked out or water goes out of the vent located on the roof. Also, when flushing the toilet at times it works fine. In other instances the water will rise to the point of over flowing and eventually drain. I just need some feedback on what may be causing this also where to begin


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    Water levels dropping in the toilet are usually a blocked vent issue. As water travels down the drain, it needs to be able to pull air in behind it, otherwise it will be pulled through the traps of the fixtures, resulting in those traps - in this case the toilet - being drained.

    Water spouting out of the roof vent would be a backed up drain somewhere, though if it's spewing out a roof vent, then you should have noticeable backing up in the shower, tub, and possibly toilet overflow first.

    At any rate, what you describe all sounds like drain problems. I would either just rooter everything out or have a plumbing company come in and run a camera down the system to see if there is a blockage, roots, or collapsed drain line.
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    When water comes out the roof vent, is it actually suds?

    Whatever drain/vent problems you have, they are aggravated by excess suds. Try reducing the amount of laundry detergent and/or using low-suds detergents.

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