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    Question Heat Loss in House with Open Loft

    My house is 3 years old, the 2nd floor has an open loft living area as well as a closed bedroom and bathroom. The bedroom has the 2nd thermostat the other is in the hall downstairs. The heat from downstairs rises and the unit is always running to reach temperature downstairs, upstairs even if I do not have the heat on it is warmer than the first floor. How can I stop the heat loss downstairs, we only use the 2nd floor when company comes which isn't too often. The loft is open on 2 sides and there is a large staircase which leads to the 2nd floor.
    My heating bills are very high, I can't even lower the heat at night since it takes hours for the unit to reach the desired temp.
    Any suggestions?

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    Default Re: Heat Loss in House with Open Loft

    It sounds like you have a cathedral ceiling, two possibilities come to mind.
    1] Run a cold air return duct up to the ceiling to re circulate the hot air that rises.

    2] Ceiling fans to help mix the hot air at the ceiling with the lower air.
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