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    Default Bathroom expanding / addition

    My 1st floor bathroom is 4.5 x 6'. My butt hits the shower door and my elbow hits the sink when I sit down to do my stuff. I am interested in enlarging it to 10x6 by pushing it out the back. The bathroom is actually the old porch that previous owners enclosed so it needs a full redo from a foundation on up to a roof.

    I need to know what kind of costs I should expect for the following...

    foundation 10x6 (tie into house foundation?)
    plumbing for sink, toilet and shower tied into existing pipes.
    the actual framing.
    electrical should be fine.

    thanks in advance.

    I have found many different sites and calculators but they are all off by thousands.

    Im in northern NJ and have a nice contractor that I prefer but just want to make sure he is not ripping me off (i watch Holmes on Homes WAY too much)

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    Default Re: Bathroom expanding / addition

    I doubt you will get any meaningful answers from this forum since no one can possibly see all the variations, unkowns and problems that such a project always has.

    Your best approach is to search out competent, reputable remodeling contractors in your area and ask them to give estimates or firm bids if they are willing. Firm bids are hard to do in some cases due to the things mentioned above.

    In general, a bath remodel, per square foot, is the most expensive type.

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    Default Re: Bathroom expanding / addition

    As you want to do complete remodeling of your bathroom so, it can be expensive because they work according per square foot. You should first find out some good renovators at your place then, do bidding with them and find out best one according to your mentioned needs.

    Bathroom Renovation Contractor

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