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    Default Under the Finial: Turret Finishing Advice Please

    Hello, I am in at the end of having my turret re-slated and it appears that the roofing company is not experienced with old houses. Can anyone tell me what the proper thing is to do with the wood at the top of the slate turret (looks like the top of a tepee about the size of a hand) before it gets covered back up with the metal finial (which is not a tight fit, just a decorative cover)? I know the house has to breathe so... Should I paint it? Cover it with ice and water shield? or black paper? or leave the old wood alone? My fear is the old wood may attract termites that could get under the finial, but covering it could hold in moisture, condensation, and result in mold on the sheetrock underneath or am I over-thinking this? What have you done or seen done please. The rest of the turret is covered with the black paper and slate on top for it to breathe but what about the tippy-top piece of wood? Thank you.

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    Default Re: Under the Finial: Turret Finishing Advice Please

    This is a highly specialized question, should be referred to some old time roofers who have done this type of work before.

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