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    Default What style is this 1880 built brick house?

    Here are three pictures of the same house in my city, Saginaw, Michigan, one from 1967 (I haven't been able to go out and film the house myself), one from my city's assessor (I apolgise for the size and sad condition (It's my dream to own and restore this house)), and one I made in MS Paint. I'd appreciate help on determining the style of this house because it has long perplexed me. I've gone from Queen Anne to Eastlake to almost giving up because the features seem so eclectic. For me, the odd features of this house are the square tower, the architraves on the windows, the gable window, the bell-cast tower, and the overall geometric appearance and lack of very ornate detail.

    I also hope you might be able to help me on whether the paint palette I came up with in paint is fitting to the style of this house? BTW I know the picture is puny, but if anyone has any idea the type of brick used, I'd love to know.

    Thank you so much for whatever information you can provide!
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