We bought our 40 yr old house 5 yrs ago. The previous owner had been remodeling many things including one of the upstairs bathrooms. Every so often we would get water (minimal) dripping in the foyer which is directly under the bathroom. We attributed this to our daughters forgetting to put the shower liner in the tub while showering.
Lately however we seem to have developed a huge water problem. The water level in both upstairs toilets keeps going low and then when you flush the toilets water is cascading into the foyer. In addition, when our daughter took a shower today as soon as she shut the shower off water began cascading into the foyer.
We have a family "friend" who does plumbing jobs for us on occasion, but I feel like he doesn't always tell us the truth of the problem so much as he tells us the biggest thing he can to get the most money out of us.
Any ideas?