After moving into our house, I began to tear down all of the wood paneling that lined our family room. The family room is a long narrow room with a fireplace on one side, with what appeared to be a seating shelf to the right of it.

When I pulled up the top of the shelf, I found that it actually goes through to an outside box. On the outside of the house is a box that flips open - we believe it was used in the past to load up firewood, which you could then access from the interior. There are some formidable elements closing it off, but they don't appear to be part of the wall, rather, the previous owner must have closed it off from both inside the house and within the box once they finished using it.

We had planned to have someone come in and demo the box and then fill the gap with drywall, but as I pulled off the wood panels above it I made a startling discovery - there is an old slat style window in the wall. If you look at the home from the outside, it appears that the previous owner boarded up the window, painted over it, and then put siding trim over it to make it less visible.

I'm not sure I'm posting this in the correct area - but we're not sure what sort of contractor to touch base with to get this corrected. Our overall goal is to get the outside boarding removed, the window replaced, and the firewood box removed and covered with drywall.

I'm open to trying some of this on my own, but because I have no experience in this I'd like to manage my own expectations and better understand what's challenging, impossible, easy - or just better suited to have a professional handle!