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Howdy , I am not an electrician. Great question is GFIs- dishwashers and disposals. Any licensed electricians installing GFI circuit breakers on these two items?
Again opsee about code requiring separate circuits- again my limited knowledge was state specific amended the national code. After reading the draw from the larger disposals i can see why it is a good idea.
What next not isolating microwaves? Sure its not code but since so much currant demand why not it separated if you have the room in the panel?
Most NEC requirements are minimum requirements.

GCFI receptacles for counter top outlets are needed because most small appliances have 2 prong plug so are not protected from ground faults internally or if you drop it in a sink full of water or if you stick a fork into a toaster to retrieve the toast. Most large appliances have grounded 3 prong plugs.

The requirement for 2 20 amp small appliance circuits in a kitchen is a minimum requirement in addition to other necessary circuits such as for a range, disposal, dishwasher or other high usage appliances. That's why an electrician does a load calculation. Exceeding code is almost aways acceptable.