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    Default Heat in garage

    We have a woodstove in the basement but garage is unheated. Woodstove vents into flue that is in the garage. Have considered putting a fan in the wall behind the stove that would blow heat into the garage--is this a feasible idea?

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    Don't mean to sound negative ..... there are some things you need to consider with this idea.

    If your wood stove depends on the air within the room for combustion ...... the size and location of a fan exhausting out into the garage may impact the burning of the fire. Too large and/or too close could cause a competition for air to the wood stove's burning or cause back drafts.

    The other consideration would be having a direct opening from the attached garage to your basement .... which is a fire code issue.
    Also.... exhaust fumes from vehicles in the garage will have an avenue to enter the basement allowing carbon-monoxide to be present.

    Just a thought.
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    I would say no because of the fire code issue. Many fires start in garages. I've had 2 Ford recalls about electrical issues that have caused cars to catch fire when they are off, not to mention the possibility of fumes & gas leaks.

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