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    Default Reflectix Foil Insulation

    I am looking for input on the use of a foil insulation product. I currently have R-30 batt in my attic and am looking to add another layer of r-19 this weekend. I saw this product at the store that is a thin layer of bubble material laminated between layers of alumninum foil. My roof is flat and gets very hot is the summer. Just wondering how much I might benefit from adding reflectix. If it is beneficial, should I attach between the rafters butt up to the sheathing or staple to the underside of the rafters?

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    Vapor. If you live in cold areas and you put that product in the attic it will trap moisture under it and could cause major problems. There are reflecting products that allow the moisture to get through. No real insulation ie R value, but by reflecting the heat you may get the comfort your looking for. You will also find the cost is much cheaper than bubble plastic.

    I'm trying to decide if it would be good for me as hot weather is not a problem. This the the product I'm looking at but I can't find it except on the internet.

    PREMIUM Radiant Barrier (1000 sf)
    Other products by Radiant

    Price: $169.00

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