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    Default 1950's bathroom faucet repair

    My faucet is driving me crazy! the two on/off handles are attached to the sink against the wall, rather than on top. how or where do i get the parts to repair it? the middle part is built into the sink where the water pours out.

    thanks, antonia

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    Default Re: 1950's bathroom faucet repair

    Same place you'd buy parts for any other faucet, either at the big box store or the plumbing supply house.

    From your description you have wall mounted mixing valves and a sink mounted spout. The wall mounted valves are extremely simple apparatus', with a packing around the stem (the part the handle is attached to ), and a seat washer at the base of the stem. Turn off the water supply to the sink - this may entail turning off the water at the main if you do not have anglestops (shut-off valves ) under the sink. There will be a nut under the handle, remove this nut and you unscrew the seat by twisting the handle. At the base of the stem you'll find a rubber washer, usually a cone shaped washer, held in place by a screw. Your local supplier will have a generic washer kit with a selection of different sizes of cone washers and flat washers, use the washer that seats best into the base of the stem. When tightening the retaining screw, tighten the screw just enough to start to deform the washer and stop. Reinstall the stem and retaining nut and handle and you're done. Slowly turn on the water until you've determined that you do not have any leaks at the point of repair. Once everything has been deemed ok, turn the water on full, minus 1/8 turn.
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