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    Default Main Water Supply Line Sweats

    I live in southern Illinois and I am finishing my basement. I went downstairs to hang some more drywall and noticed a small puddle under the main supply line coming into the basement from outside. I have fiberglass insulation tight around the line and the line is not leaking it is just sweating. Is there anything I can do to keep it from sweating so that this water won't cause mold later?

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    Default Re: Main Water Supply Line Sweats

    The sweating is caused by moisture in the air condensing on cold pipe. You probably had no problems until you started to insulate and heat the space. Before the air temp was probably pretty close to the temperature of the pipe so you didn't get any sweating. Your best bet would be to dehumidify the basement to get rid of the excess moisture as well as insulating the pipe with pipe insulation will help as well. Hope everything works out for you.


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