I saw an episode ( I rarely miss one) on fixing broken stair treads in old houses. Tommy drilled and installed a wooden screw, and applied glue to the crack. Where can I buy the wooden screw and drill bit ( he said it was specific) and if the treads are cracked close to the back risers will this method still work. How about repairing from below by adding a piece of board to the underside of the stair tread (I can access them from a closet)???The house is 105+ yrs old and I do not want to disturb the banister etc... HELP!!

Also, I want to convert a room to a laundry room. There is water there but new laundry lines need to be moved from current location to lines in "new" room. I also need to MOVE a 220 line for the dryer ( it is currently right behind the wall). It is grade level but the sewer drains etc...are in a basement room behind and below the "new" room so they can easily be accessed. I need to know how to remove and reinstall wtaer lines and the electric line. Thank you.