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    Default repairing/replacing original strip flooring


    i have a 70 yr old house and i pulled up the rugs and exposed the wood floors and i would like to refinish them however the wood floor is in need of repair/replacement.
    after watching the video of Tom Silva replacing a strip of hardwood floor hundreds of times, im confident im able to do it myself but i do not have a subfloor like in said video.

    my questions are
    1. is this the type of wood floor that can be repaired and refinished?

    2. would i go about replacing those boards the same way in Tom Silva's video with the exception of having a subfloor?

    3. what type of wood would i need to get to match what already exists?

    I appreciate anyones advice and suggestions

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    Default Re: repairing/replacing original strip flooring

    Many older homes don't have sub-floors. Yes, you can replace planks the same way, you just need to cut the planks from center of floor joist to center of floor joist so both ends are supported and can be nailed down.

    It is best to use planks from some unseen area like a closet. They will be the same species, size, and the same age. Other wise you will need to know what species of wood you have and the width and thickness of the plank to buy new replacements.

    You don't mention why you need to replace some of the planks. Some repairs can be done without replacement.
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    Default Re: repairing/replacing original strip flooring

    thank you for your reply.

    some of the strips need to replacing because there are some with deep gouges and some are warped up and ugly.

    i dont know how to tell what type of wood they are
    i guess cutting one out and taking it to a home depot and asking them would work?
    or a hardwood floor store?

    ill post some pics later.

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