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    My name is Maggie and I have an old house, which is probably over 50 years old, and on the outside it has cedar shingles, which were just recently renewed and stained. On the inside I have plaster walls, my questions is what is the best way to insulate this house without putting new siding on the outside and without removing any of the plaster walls on the inside? Recently I learned that if I want to use the blown in insulation from the inside the plaster may crack and created a lot of problems. If I do it form the outside I was told that its not easy to remove the shingles for the insulation to be blown in from the outside. I also tried to approach this from the attic (to blow in the insulation) and I was told that it will not work because of lack of space to drill the holes from the top of the wall, Im not sure though if that was correct advice.
    Please, please, please, help me with your professional knowledge about home insulation!

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    plaster walls are usally pretty strong. inless it is already cracking. cellulose is dusty, settles, gets caught on wires and plug boxes and loses its R-value when blown in. there really isn't enough room to install any thing from the attic just a couple of inches. typically if dode right an instaler can remoce and reinstall a ceder shake with out any notice
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