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    Default Tuck-pointing a basement chimney

    The chimney in my 1929 frame home was originally used for coal/wood stoves, which burn hot and dry.
    Now, it vents a gas furnace and gas water heater which produce more of moisture.
    The mortar used between the bricks in some cases is very sandy and is crumbling out of the joints. Shoulk I be concerned about the internal moisture, of just tuck-point the crumbling joints?
    Which cement is best for this application, portland cement, hydraulic cement, or a sand/cement mix?

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    Default Re: Tuck-pointing a basement chimney

    You really need to get a contractor in for advice - you may need to install a liner in the chimney that can handle the more corrosive environment. You need a structural assessment to know if you can just deal with the cosmetics, or will have to get into structural repairs/improvements. A hands-on check is needed to be sure.
    Tom Stangl
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    Caveat: IANAC (I Am Not A Contractor) - I am simply a DIYer that tends to do a lot of research. Contact licensed Contractors/Architects/whatever for the final legal word on any advice.

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