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    Default No Heat on Second Floor

    I have a 2 story cape cod. I have a forced air system. The registers on the second floor in the bedrooms hardly puts out any heat. I have to use window air conditioners and space heaters. The first floor registers have a good output but the second floor registers hardly have any output. Please help. What can I do? Who can I call to help me fix this problem? Thank you.

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    Default Re: No Heat on Second Floor

    Unfortunately it's sight unseen from here ...... I would be guessing the furnace is located in a basement ?

    If that's the case there is a considerable distance the air needs to flow. Many things can cause lack of air flow .... for example ....... undersized ducts or improper connections...... leaking ducts ...... etc..

    A heating ( HVAC ) contractor should be called to evaluate the situation first hand.

    They can perform tests measuring the amount of air flow ( CFM) that are being delivered through those vents.
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