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    Default Using existing phone line for voip

    Is there anyway to use my existing telephone outlets with VOIP? I am very limited with receptacles but previous owners put in telephone outlets everywhere so it would be much more practical for us to use existing outlets vs. putting in new power outlets. Any help would be appreciated -

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    Default Re: Using existing phone line for voip

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    Default Re: Using existing phone line for voip

    The biggest hurdle you'll need to cross is disconnecting your phone line from the phone company's network and connecting it to your VOIP router. The article above covers this. The reason it states that you have to live in a single family home is that accessing the telephone network interface is difficult unless you can go outside your home and open the phone box. In single family homes there's usually a pretty obvious drop to the side of your house that you can open and disconnect. In townhouses or apartment buildings there may be a communal distribution hub that you won't be able to access.

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